PRESS RELEASE: Bahamian Queen of Gospel Reggae, Timeless Is First Female Artist To Sign With Dunamus Soundz

Bahamian gospel reggae queen Timeless is the first female to sign with Dunamus Soundz Music Group.

By Arthia Nixon, The Ambassador Agency

Nassau, The Bahamas… Timeless, the artist known for her ability to ‘Caribbeanize’ gospel music with signature reggae sounds is now the first female artist and singer to be signed to the Dunamus Soundz Music Group. The official announcement was made during a private industry mixer last week confirming weeks of speculation from fans.
Born Kelda Sweeting in The Bahamas, Timeless has gone from being heard locally to becoming the new ‘it’ gospel-reggae girl in the Caribbean circuit. She credits her early lure to reggae coming from Sister Nancy, Rita Marley, Yellow Man & Fathead, Gregory Isaacs, Michigan & Smiley and of course, the iconic Bob Marley.
Combining her love for music with her passion for God, Timeless stepped into the realm of gospel-reggae at a time when traditional female gospel soloists where beginning to emerge. Her sounds have also included dancehall, roots reggae, junkanoo and soca riddim styles.
Kelda is also known for being the founder of Let The Women Sing, a concert series which brings together women from several genres for a night of music and worship.
CEO of Dunamus Soundz, Lavard ‘Manifest’ Parks says he is proud to be working with Timeless, an artist who he respects and admires especially as it relates to women in The Bahamas coming to the forefront in music.
“She’s always going to be Kelda to me even if the world knows her as Timeless,” said Manifest. “Partly because no matter how big she gets professionally, she remains humble and is the same person I’ve always known her to be. She has over 20 years in this industry and I think that her skills as a producer and as an artist will certainly be a tremendous addition to who we are and where we plan on going as a team.”
Timeless expressed her eagerness to work with DSMG noting that she is excited to lend her production ear to the team.
“Becoming a part of the Dunamus Soundz team has been a long awaited goal of mine,” she admitted. “Mr. Parks and I have built a respectful, fond producer relationship over the years and I always knew the borders would one day expand. I look forward to being a part of a brand that not only talks, but walks its mission. To experience an opportunity like this at this time in my life is truly a Godsend.”
Dunamus Soundz Music Group is a Bahamian-based record label founded in 2000 by award-winning producer and hip-hop artist Lavard ‘Manifest’ Parks. Timeless’ new album is set for release in spring 2013.
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PRESS RELEASE: Operation S.O.L.D To Host Fundraising Banquet To Coincide With ‘National Tragedy’

Founder and President of Operation Save Our Little Darlings (S.O.L.D) Christine Stubbs, continues her quest to advocate for abused children by hosting a banquet this weekend.

By The Ambassador Agency 

(Nassau, The Bahamas)…To coincide with the anniversary of the death of Marco Archer, the Bahamian youngster who was found brutally murdered after going missing in 2011, the Save Our Little Darlings organization plans to officially launch with a fundraising banquet under the theme Uncover The Mask Bahamaland.

The black tie affair, set for 7pm in the Ocean View Suite will be held at Superclubs Breezes. Operation S.O.L.D, as it has become known, is the brainchild of counselor Christine Stubbs.

Special guest performer for the evening will be Adrianna Munnings of Bahamian Idol fame performing her popular rendition of Bridge Over Troubled Water. Additionally, there will be a silent auction, the proceeds of which will go toward the establishment of a holistic healing center for victims and their families.

“Christine Stubbs has been a long time advocate for children and was especially touched after the vicious rape of a little girl several years ago,” said publicist for the event, Arthia Nixon of The Ambassador Agency. “Over the years, she has spoken at forums in Florida and in The Bahamas to be a voice for the young victims of abuse. It just so happened that this event, which was set for earlier in the month, is now taking place almost exactly on the anniversary of Marco Archer’s death. Marco’s death was something that made international news but it has faded out of the limelight. Christine Stubbs is determined not to let anyone forget about him or the other victims who have paid the ultimate price at the hands of their abusers, and that is why she is no longer remaining silent with Operation S.O.L.D.”

A major part of the event will be to further advocate the need for a sexual offender’s registry in The Bahamas.  For more information call 242-601-0577, 242-544-1307 or 242-225-7669.

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KLR Management Group Ltd. Announces Music Distribution Deal With U.S. Based Integra Interactive Inc.

For immediate release on or after September 15, 2012

By The Ambassador Agency

(NASSAU, THE BAHAMAS)…Keith Rolle, founder and President of KLR Management Group Ltd confirmed that his career management firm signed a music distribution agreement with Integra Interactive Inc. and will be launching the “first wave” of music into the U.S. retail market wherever myMEDIA BurnBar™ kiosks are available starting November 1, 2012. As a result, never before seen independent music artists and record labels worldwide will have the opportunity for their music to be directly available to nearly 500 stores in the United States alongside gospel music industry veterans.   Continue reading

With Thanksgiving and Christmas around the corner, we thought to highlight this piece from jet setter, Mr Kerr from Krak Daily

krak Daily

People always ask me how do I get to travel so much and the truth is, I never really thought about the answer to that question…until now. In the past 2 years, the opportunities for travel that have been afforded to me have been amazing. I’ve traveled to numerous states in the US, across time zones and continents and even managed to go south of the border (that is, south of my home country of the Bahamas). Sure, I know what you’re saying; I must be rich or work for an airline company. The answer is no and I WISH! But there is no secret to how I’m able to travel so much. What I’ve done is figured out a way to travel while at the same time being cost effective.

Here are a few ways, based on my experiences, of how to travel frequently while cutting cost at the…

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Adrianna Munnings (photo by Torrell Glinton)

(Nassau, Bahamas)…She’s known for her signature vocal stylings and won over a legion of fans as a part of Chris Fox’s band at Nirvana Beach, now The Bahamas’ Obama Girl Adrianna Munnings is getting set to go global by signing with The Ambassador Agency.

Adrianna, who has been a fixture on the Bahamian gospel scene has received consultation from The Ambassador Agency in the past, and now, with the hopes of taking her brand beyond her native Bahamas, she has made the firm her official PR team.

“Adrianna has been on a brief hiatus but now we are getting ready, set and ready to roll her out with as her rep,” confirmed The Ambassador Agency’s Arthia Nixon. “I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Adrianna for seven years and she’s one of those people who are born ready. So this winter, hopefully, Atlanta will have some Bahamian heat when she comes to visit with some courtesy calls and guest performances. I’m excited because she’s been such an amazing person and she is confident with who she is and where she is going. We love working with talents who have a healthy combination of faith and the ‘it’ factor. It’s time to share her beyond The Bahamas.”


Bahamian pop princess of gospel to launch debut CD Expressions of The Heart. Detroit-born Damita Haddon set to hit the stage as a guest artist.

By Arthia Nixon, The Ambassador Agency

“That awkward moment when gospel star Damita Haddon, one of the people you’ve listened to and admired musically the opening act at your live album release concert.”

Sure, it sounds like the stuff made up in social media status heaven, but for Chesternique Bullard, the first female signed to Elevation Records, this weekend it will be a reality.

“It’s surreal!”Chesternique says of the months of rehearsing, getting sponsorship and work leading up to the Expressions of the Heart concert taking place at Living Waters Kingdom Ministries. “Cliché,but it all feels like a good dream, one in which I do not want to wake up from but I want to see the ‘they all lived happily ever after’ at the end.”

Happily ever after is now within reach for Chesternique, who is thrilled to be putting on a concert of this magnitude. Joining Chesternique in concert will be local Bahamian artists Lyrically Blessed, V-Mac, Jonathan Farrington and dancer Lenelle Michelle. Then of course, there is Detroit-born gospel diva Damita Haddon whose songs such as No Looking Back and It All Belongs To You are in heavy rotation locally and internationally.

“I’m still not over the fact that she’s coming to be a part of my concert!” squealed Chesternique. “I’m delighted that her first trip to The Bahamas will be as a guest performer in my concert. I owe it all to the Almighty who has favored me countless number of times.”

The concert, she added is the fruition of hard work and support of her professional family at Elevation Records, and immediate family, especially her husband and brother who are both musicians.

Although she is looking to see how far the album will take her, Chesternique is still focusing on her Christian foundation and hoping that people will look past her vocals, described by Bahamian pop star/producer Sammi Starr as “unbelievably smooth and beautiful” and realize the ministry behind the music.

“The album is really intimate and the atmosphere of the concert will be too,” she admits. “I want my audience to see and understand that God desires more from us. As children of God we have to constantly seek ways to enhance our relationship with him and not be afraid to admit our wrongs, and not  be afraid to come back home after straying away from home, and saying sorry. It’s not just claiming to be His own, but living up to it.”

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Chesternique and Damita

Chesternique and Damita

Bahamian contemporary gospel princess Chesternique (right) of Elevation Records to launch her debut CD, Expressions of The Heart with Damita Haddon.

Manifest Headlines Cayman Concert As Sole International Artist On Card

Manfest Bahamas, Lavard Parks, Dunamus SoundzBy Arthia Nixon, The Ambassador Agency

George Town, Grand Cayman… The reigning Prince of Positive Hip Hop, Lavard ‘Manifest’ Parks, is set to return to the Cayman Islands to hit the stage with some of his award winning songs, inspire youth and promote his album HISLife HISMic. Manifest, who has travelled to Grand Cayman several times before, says he is excited to be spending a week in the island nation.

“There is nothing like Caymanian hospitality,” says Manifest. “Being here feels like a second home to me now, and I really enjoy the people and support of the fans who have embraced me and my music. I also enjoy talking with young people so I am going to embrace the opportunity provided by First Assembly of God with their youth conference. There are also going to be a couple of other stops on the way to talk about some of the things we are doing back in The Bahamas and all over the world as we get set to do a couple more projects for the remainder of the year. Overall, it’s been a real blessing and I just want to thank the Caymanian supporters continue to show much love and mad respect and that’s why they were got to hear some of the first songs off of the album last year before anyone else or it was even released.”

Manifest, who started his independent label Dunamus Soundz over 10 years has won many awards including Song of the Year and Album of the Year. He’s also performed throughout the Caribbean, North America and in the United Kingdom. For more information visit

Nassau ‘Nastic’s Savannah Brady Makes History As Youngest Level 4 Bahamian To Win All Around Gymnastics Award

“Optimistic Future Olympian”: 8 year-old Savannah Brady captured the 1st Place CATS Beach Blast 2010 All Around Award for Nassau ‘Nastics and The Bahamas at last weekend’s gymnastics tournament in Florida. Brady is the youngest Bahamian to win an all around award at a gymnastics tournament.

By Arthia Nixon, The Ambassador Agency

                Jupiter, Florida… At an age when most children are caught up watching Spongebob Squarepants or struggling with third grade lessons, Savannah Brady has been busy on sealing her name in Bahamian sports history by becoming the youngest Level 4 gymnast from her country to win an all around award at a tournament – and she’s done it at the ripe old age of eight!

                Brady, who has trained with Coach Lavette Saunders for nearly three years has proven that Nassau ‘Nastics is pushing out some potential Olympians by beating athletes much older than her during the two-day CATS Beach Blast Tournament in Jupiter, Florida last week.

                “I don’t feel any pressure,” said Brady when asked if she is overwhelmed by putting her nation on the map in gymnastics. “I tried my best and gave it my all and so now I have to work even harder.”

                Working hard is something Brady will have to continue doing especially now that she has moved up from Level 4 to Level 5. She admits that her favorite event is the balance beam and that she struggles sometimes on her least favorite event, the bars.

                At the CATS tournament, Brady got first place on vault and floor. She got second place on the beam and third place on the bars.

                “Savannah has certainly made Nassau ‘Nastics proud,” said Head Coach Trevor Ramsey. “There are so many doors open for gymnasts including scholarships. Savannah has already attended the International Gymnastics Camp in the Poconos, Pennsylvania. She has the drive and dedication and certainly the potential to make it to the Olympics. She certainly has the trophies and medals to attest to efforts in the sport.”

Despite the winning the highest honor at the CATS Beach Blast, Brady’s promise from her mother Michelle is what she considers her more valued prize.

                “Based on her training sessions at Nassau ‘Nastics in Oakes Field I had a feeling that she was going to outperform herself and we agreed that I would get her an iTouch if she did well,” said Ms. Brady. “So I went ahead and got the iTouch based on how well she was practicing.  When the scores came in and then the All Around Award, she came running and reminded me that I promised her the iTouch. I reached in my pocket and told her I knew she was going to do well. The look on her face was just classic. I am so proud of her because she worked hard and she truly deserved it.”

                “I was so surprised when she gave it to me,” recalled Brady. “I was so happy and excited and I thought I was going to cry. But I have to thank my mom because she comes on the floor to support me and my coaches too for encouraging me to work hard. Like I was a little scared of the competition on this trip and thought I was going to lose or something like that, but I am glad they all keep pushing me to try my best.”

                Brady’s next tournament is set for October.

Five Nassau ‘Nastics Gymnasts Set for CATS Beach Blast Tourney

By Arthia Nixon, The Ambassador Agency

Nassau ‘Nastics Coach Lavette Saunders (centre back) has high hopes for her team who will be participating in the CAT’s Beach Blast Gymnastics Tournament this weekend. Team members are (front left to right) Angelique Strachan, Rokelle Joseph, Savannah Brady (centre left to right) Peyton Willie and Kristy Daniels. (Photo by Arthia Nixon, The Ambassador Agency)

Jupiter, Florida… A team comprised of one Level 5 and four Level 4 gymnasts will be heading to Florida this weekend to participate in the CAT’s Beach Blast Gymnastics Invitational. Set for May 1st and 2nd, the tournament is hosted by CATS Gymnastics of Jupiter. The team lead by Coach Lavette Saunders, are all members of Nassau ‘Nastics, The Bahamas’ oldest gymnastics club.

                Level 4 participants include Kristy Daniels, Savannah Brady, Rokelle Joseph and Peyton Willie. Angelique Strachan is the only Level 5 Nassau ‘Nastics member participating in the tournament.

                “We have had a fairly good season and this team that we are sending will no doubt give it their best,” said Head Coach of Nassau ‘Nastics, Trevor Ramsey. “The girls range in age from about seven to thirteen so they will certainly use this opportunity for experience. They will be participating in the usual events.”

The team is scheduled to leave The Bahamas for the tournament on Thursday.